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Chick thinks she’s Queen shit of the bar.

I am waiting at the bar for the bartender to make my drinks, she comes up and pokes me 


And I say “what?”, she then pokes me again and says to move(the bartender is still making my drinks). She then pokes my ribs harder


I look at her and say ” Fuck off”, she then looks at her friend astonished(she obviously thinks she’s hot enough to always get her way). Im a big dude, bearded belly the size of a keg and arms that can crush coconuts and she still has the nerve to boss me around. sheesh.

Long story short I had to tell these chick twice to stop touching me bartender makes my drinks and I gtfo. Later Queen shit of Kamloops.

  1. raaara said: Wtfffff. Damn bitches!
  2. ratedbamf said: You tell em
  3. fuckbears said: booo whores!
  4. eleven-seven said: Craaaaaazy bitches!
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